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Logs from the early 1800's have sheltered generations of people and have been silent witness to many of their special events.
These same logs make up a stucture that is the centerpiece of Simple Weddings & Photography, a venue specifically for bonding
events, weddings, vow renuals, ladies retreats, and photo shoots.

In 2004, my husband and I purchased the 18' x 20' log structure and moved it one mile on to our property. We perched it on the
banks of our beautiful eight acre lake. This is where the dream began. I knew instantly that I wanted to share our little cabin with others.
As time has passed we have lovingly added many new features to the quaint cabin. We've added a spacious cypress porch that wraps around
all four sides. We've added a new fireplace, a hearth, and porch-side grill. Along with this we've also added a sink
and an outhouse (with modern plumbing). The interior of the cabin is adorned with late 1800 and early 1900 furnishings and antiques, perfect for an intimate fireside wedding of 15 people or less. For an outdoor event the back deck will hold 50 guests and the front
lawn will accomodate 200 attendants.

Make your special occasion as small or as large as you want. Prices vary according to event size and number of guests.




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